Welcome to the information site of the Integration Point

Central point of contact for all asylum seekers and refugees


Standort Troisdorf

Standort Bonn

53842 Troisdorf,
Sieglarer Straße 2
on the 4th floor

53123 Bonn, Villemombler Str. 101



Arbeitsamt Bonn 

Responsible for Niederkassel, Troisdorf, Königswinter,
Hennef, Bad Honnef, Sankt Augustin, Siegburg, Lohmar, Neunkirchen-Seelscheid, Much, Ruppichteroth, Windeck, Eitorf

Responsible for Wachtberg, Meckenheim, Rheinbach, Swisttal, Alfter, Bornheim



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General information


Who can be assisted at the Integration Point? 


  • who have already registered as asylum seekers and refugees [Proof of registration as an asylum seeker (BÜMA) required] and have already been firmly assigned to a municipality.
  • with a temporary resident permit
  • with a humanitarian residence permit according to Chapter 2, paragraph 5 of the German Residence Act
  • with a tolerance of residence according to § 60a of the German Residence Act


Who can in principle make an initial application for benefits under the German Social Security Statute Book II (SGB II) at the Integration Point?


  • who have been recognised as people entitled to asylum/as refugees
  • who have been granted refugee status or subsidiary protection
  • for whom deportation bans have been determined according to § 60 paragraphs 5 and 7 of the German Residence Act
  • (§ 25 V of the German Residence Act if the suspension of the deportation was at least 18 months ago)


What documents are required for the processing of your first application? 

  • Passport
  • Registration certificate or household certificate (provided you are not single)
  • Notice of the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) with cover letter (the date of the SGBI II entitlement shall be calculated based on the date on the cover letter)
  • Informal communication of your Social Services Department that you have informed it of your recognition
  • your residence permit or
  • a certificate of the immigration office concerning the application for the residence permit whilst stating the legal basis for this (e.g. § 25 paragraph II, sentence 1 of the German Residence Act)

IMPORTANT: Insofar as you are in possession of a residence permit under § 25 paragraph 5 of the German Residence Act the certificate of the German Immigration Office will additionally be required proving that the suspension of your deportation was at least 18 months ago.

  • Your banking connection and the bank statements of the past 3 months, or from the point at which the account was opened. Incidentally: A bank account should have already been opened at the time of the first visit and can also be opened with a provisional identity document.
  • Health Insurance information (the application for a social security number can be made by the Integration Point)
  • You will find the application documents according to the SGB II, and the link to the forms further below.
  • The welcome package (insofar as this is your first contact with the Integration Point

HINT: Have you already applied for child benefit? You will find information and corresponding application forms here


 Which steps should you take before you have your first visit in the Integration Point and what is necessary for this visit?

Please fill in the forms attached in the Welcome Package. This makes the first visit at the Integration Point easier for you and us. The Welcome Package does not just provide you with forms but also with useful information:


It is recommended that you make an appointment in advance. Unnecessary waiting times are avoided in this way and the specialist consultants are able to prepare themselves for the meeting. If necessary interpreters can be requested in advance.

 Please click on the cube to obtain contact information


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Hinweise zum Vergabeverfahren:

Die Vergabeunterlagen finden Sie auf der Plattform: Vergabemarktplatz Rheinland. Sofern Sie als Unternehmen bereits registriert sind, können Sie sich auf dem Vergabemarktplatz wie gewohnt einloggen. Als nicht registriertes Unternehmen, können Sie die Registrierung kostenfrei, ebenfalls auf der Seite des Vergabemarktplatzes, vornehmen. Sie erhalten im Anschluss eine Kennung, mit der Sie sich online einloggen können.


Informationen für Flüchtlinge und Asylsuchende

Bitte klicken Sie auf die folgenden Themen für weitere Informationen:

Flyer zum Integration Point 

Checkliste zum Neuantrag im Integration Point

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Anträge - Formulare - Flyer

Antragsformulare für den Bezug von SGB II Leistungen 
mit vielen weiteren Informationen finden Sie hier 

Zum Merkblatt SGB II geht es hier 

Informationen zum Mobilpass erhalten Sie hier

Anträge und Informationen zum Bildungs- und Teilhabepaket
finden Sie hier


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