Information regarding the sequence at the Integration Point


How do I obtain a consultancy appointment or an appointment to make an application for benefits under the German Social Security Statute Book II (SGB II) at the Integration Point?

  • To arrange an appointment please contact our Service Centre by calling 02241 3978-0
  • Please have the following to hand when making your call:
  • Surname, forename
  • Address, date of birth, country of origin

and additionally please state whether you have already been recognised as a refugee. You will then promptly receive an appointment over the phone or alternatively by e-mail.

At your first appointment all the placement and legal benefit issues will be discussed. Please arrange enough time for this (approx. 2 hours). Please bring the aforementioned documents having filled them in to the appointment. The duration of the meeting is considerably reduced by this. It would be helpful to ensure a quicker process sequence if you were accompanied at your first appointment by someone who can translate for you. Please inform us when calling us if you have been unable to arrange this.

In principle first visits are possible on Mondays from 2.00 pm until 6.00 pm, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 8.30 am until 11.00 am and by appointment.


Informationen für Flüchtlinge und Asylsuchende

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